Emerson Students work with JamSpot on Marketing Program

This past Spring, a group of Emerson College students worked on a special project developing marketing and advertising programs for JamSpot. The project, which was developed by  Emerson Marketing Communications Professor Laurie Raveis as part of her Consumer Behavior Class, provided students with a real-world opportunity to analyze and develop solutions for some of the marketing challenges faced by a small business in the creative entertainment industry.

The class was broken into groups according to customer segments (kids, teens, professional and amateur musicians, etc. ), and each group was responsible for producing an opportunity analysis and marketing materials for their segment. Each group then presented their final reports to JamSpot CEO John Mazzone.

Commenting on the presentations, Mazzone said “I was blown away by how well each group understood our business. The creative thinking was amazing-and very helpful: We’ve already used some of the ideas from the class in a full page ad in Noise Magazine we’re rolling out a second ad in Metronome Magazine. Our thanks to Emerson, Professor Raveis and  the members of the Consumer Behavior class for a terrific job! ”


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