The JamSpot Showcase Room

Designed to simulate a performance venue, including a full size stage, stage lights and nightclub PA with multiple monitor mixes, JamSpot’s Showcase Rooms provide musicians with a large, comfortable, great sounding location for artist showcases, large scale rehearsals, recording pre-production, tour preparation and special events like master classes and artist workshops.

JamSpot’s Showcase Rooms come fully equipped with full sized 5 or 6 piece drum kits, a range of electric and acoustic guitar amps, a bass rig, an electric keyboard with amp and a club-sized PA with multiple monitor mixes.

Our Showcase Rooms typically have Marshall and Mesa Boogie ½ stacks, Fender DeVilles and Peavey Classic guitar amps, Ampeg bass amps, Yamaha CS Advantage kits with Zildjian A Custom and K Custom cymbals and Aquarian heads, Fishman acoustic amps and Yamaha or Korg Electric Keyboards. The in-room Mackie PA systems have JBL monitors (2-3 mixes).

The Showcase Room Somerville

The Showcase Room Wakefield

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