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A gift certificate to JamSpot is a perfect gift for the musician in your life. Everyone loves to play, and JamSpot offers a range of services to fit the needs and wants of every player, from beginner to pro. JamSpot Gift Certificates are available in any amount, never expire and can be used for anything from private practice time to getting the band back together or recording the hit record. Give us a call at 617-666-7529 or email us at giftcertificates@jamspot.com to order your personalized a personalized gift certificate. Read on to see more details of what your gift can get @ JamSpot.


JamSpot is designed to give people who like to play music a place to play when they need it. We have 18 fully-equipped music studios in facilities in Somerville and Wakefield, Massachusetts. Our studios can be rented by the hour, day or week, and come with high quality electric and acoustic guitar amps, a bass rig, a full Yamaha® drum kit with Zildjian® cymbals, a PA system with mics,and free in-room CD recording.

The JamSpot Player Room® is set up for groups of up to 6 players. We also have larger rooms including our Showcase Room and the legendary Duke’s Room® that can accommodate larger groups, tours, lockouts, showcases, video and audio recordings and special events.

JamSpot offers a wide range of services for musicians, including:

Rehearsal Space: Why play in the basement or pay a monthly fee to haul your gear in and out of a dodgy warehouse when you can play in a professionally designed and equipped rehearsal studio where you pay only for the time you use? JamSpot’s hourly rates can be as low as $30/hour. Spend your time playing, not setting up and breaking down.

Jam Sessions: Are your old bandmates back in town for the holidays? JamSpot’s fully-equipped studios are the perfect place to get the band back together, if only for a few hours. We have everything you need: amps, drums, PA, mics, and can even provide you with the instruments for a small rental fee. Easy!

Recording: JamSpot offers a unique “Live to Pro Tools®” multi-track recording program at both Somerville and Wakefield. Bring the band and lay down your tracks as you play them, and then add overdubs, patches and effects as you like. It’s a fast, easy, relaxed and very affordable way to capture your sound.

Private practice: Use one of our fully equipped studios for individual practice for as little as $10/hour when you buy a 10 hour solo practice block. (The regular solo practice rate is $15/hour.) Solo practice times are on a space-available basis but can be booked in advance Monday-Friday before 6pm and any time on the weekend.

JamSpot Music Workshops: Every day we get calls from people who want to play with other musicians but don’t have the time (or patience!) to put together a band. The JamSpot Music Workshop program solves this problem. Under the leadership of a professional musician and music teacher, we put together groups of folks of similar skills and interests into a band. The workshops meet once a week, usually for an hour and half, and will get an opportunity to play in JamSpot-sponsored showcases. If you ever wanted to be in a band without the hassles of being in a band, sign up for a JamSpot Music Workshop! (Please note that JamSpot Music Workshops are for adults. We do not offer workshop programs for kid or teenagers at this time.)

The JamSpot DJ Academy: DJing is a trade with no lim­its. Whether you have a cre­ative fire to fuel — or maybe just need some extra money to fuel a vehi­cle — the art of DJing can pro­vide unique oppor­tu­ni­ties to those that embark on the journey. At the JamSpot DJ Acad­emy stu­dents will learn about and expe­ri­ence all of the many aspects to being a top-end DJ, and be able to dis­cover what type of DJing inter­ests them most. Based upon their inter­ests, stu­dents can then choose indi­vid­ual “learn­ing tracks” to learn more about a par­tic­u­lar aspect of DJing. The DJ Academy is open to teenagers and adults.

The JamSpot Electronic Music Production Program: Great for begin­ners to expe­ri­enced pro­duc­ers look­ing to put a new spin on their cre­ations, the JamSpot EMP pro­gram cov­ers every­thing from gen­eral con­cepts of elec­tronic music com­po­si­tion and pro­duc­tion to in-depth explo­ration of sound and arrange­ment. Our sea­soned, pro­fes­sional EM instruc­tors will show you how use cut­ting edge tech­nolo­gies, includ­ing Rea­son®, Able­ton®, Logic Pro® and Pro­Tools® to cre­ate sounds and com­pose your own elec­tronic music in our pro­fes­sion­ally equipped pro­duc­tion stu­dio. And when you’re ready, we’ll teach you how to use Face­book and Sound­Cloud to pro­mote your music.

To order your personalized JamSpot Gift Certificate please call 617-666-7529 or email giftcertificates@jamspot.com today!


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