Boston Artist JPRIZM releases new animated video “GOLEM”

 Boston artist JPRiZM is channeling his song ‘Golem’ through a new vision. The fully animated short film takes the viewer on an adventure that most current hip-hop artists aren’t able to do. The video has been officially released on March 4th, 2014. JPRiZM is also preparing to release a music video shot @ JamSpot in Somerville . This video will be released later this year. 

“I was trying to bring to life the first song I’d written for my ‘Mindwalker’ album,” says JPRiZM, talking about the video he wrote and directed for his song “Golem.” “I envisioned it as a cartoon. It started off as a parody. I was watching movies one day and wondering what it would be like if this Golem guy was rapping and given a chance to express himself and what he was going to do if he had a chance to write a pop record.”

As it starts, this strange looking creature says, “Yo, will somebody please get this fly out of my gazpacho? It’s like floating around and it’s really bothering me.” That starts the journey. But the creature that you’re looking at is not JPRiZM. It’s a singing-rapping Golem, a quirky-looking robotic dude with four claw-like fingers and fangs who’s stalking through a cartoon-and-videogame land of PG make-believe. Which is to say, that fly in his soup, is the least of Golem’s problems for he and his trio of band-mates, or as he calls them in  the song, his “gnomies.” Clever.

“It’s definitely creepy,” says JPRiZM, of the song’s eerie, droning vibe and phase-shifted vocals.

Along the way, in the video, animated by LA’s Anthony Morris Jr., Golem meets up with various curious looking colorful creatures, and his main nemesis, a fire-breathing dragon.  In JPRiZM’s story, “the dragon had moved to where Golem and his cronies were residing watching cartoons.”  (Early on, we see a Golem as an Elmer Fudd-like mutant pursuing and his forever opponent, a wascally wabbit.)

“I wanted to try to be as abstract and as ambiguous as possible regarding the inspirations for my video idea,” explains JPRiZM. “I wanted the listener to draw their own conclusion of what this creature is, almost as if there is a little bit of golem in all of us.”

Indeed, in the chorus JPRiZM welcomes one and all to the club. “We are the Golems/Birth’d in the caves, man/The Darkness is our best friend/We love it, you’ll love it/It’s precious, so come join us.”

There’s also a bit of JPRiZM in Golem. His lyrics often touch on environmental themes and at the end of the short film this Golem character is walking through the woods, worrying about forest fires: “You’re gonna burn the forest down,” he warns his gnomies, cooking steamed rice over an open flame. “The forest should be reserved for birds, trees, squirrels.”

That attitude comes from the animated world JPRiZM loves so much, too. “When I used to watch cartoons late at night,” he says, “I’d be watching Scooby Doo and they’d have PSAs for things like ‘Save the forest.’ And I like walking through the forest and don’t like human stuff like trash and cigarette butts. That comes from my pet peeve!”

Like many of his generational peers, JPRiZM grew up in an era with a Sega Genesis and Sci-Fi flicks. At age 8, he found himself banging on the keys of his grandmother’s piano. By 13, he was in the world of making beats. The 90′s were a pop culture golden age for music and technology, and the young Boston artist took note of this. JPRiZM took his passion for video game soundtracks and combined it with his influence from hip-hop legends, such as De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, to create fresh sounds suited for the new age of music. His talents in production, vocal performance, and hip-hop lyricism are heard in each work he creates.  JPRiZM’s onstage presence has even taken him to perform at various concerts in both the states as well as UK.

JPRiZM’s debut, Mindwalker, released on Koma Toast Records in late 2013 is a coherent flow of hip hop, EDM and indie pop.  He rapped, sang, and produced the record from front to back. JPRiZM’s music takes the listener on an intergalactic journey unable to be contained in words.

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